1901 Vintage Upright Broadwell

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Beethoven's Piano

The 1901 Upright Broadwell Piano is one of the most comprehensively deep-sampled Upright pianos in existence.  We sampled the same model and brand (Broadwood) that Beethoven used to compose and sketch on back in 1800s. 

The 1901 Upright Broadwell Piano contains both standard and prepared articulations. All standard sustain samples were recorded with both pedal up, pedal down and half-pedal positions. In addition, we also added staccatissimo (w/ round-robin) for fast playing styles and our gorgeous Una Corta (Soft Pedal) articulation, which has to be the warmest- and softest piano articulation ever recorded.

The 1901 Upright Studio Piano also contains a large selection of prepared articulation.  The upright piano techniques includes plucking the strings with various instruments to muted articulations & other unique playing styles. In addition the library gives you full control over the dynamic responses as well as mechanics and tonal qualities, so you can dial in the perfect sound for your workflow.

The 1901 Upright was recorded with 24 microphones, including Neumann 87’s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbon’s, AKG 414’s, Neumann KM 184’s.  We mixed all of them down to one convenient and perfectly balanced mix, so you just focus on painting. 

Trust that Soundpaint always sounds and renders the piano in perfectly balanced dynamics. No CC needed.



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“Writing sketches on the same piano line that Beethoven used inspires me”

—Troels Folmann

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