Soundpaint™ is a free music technology that let's you play completely realistic music instruments on your computer.

The Free Soundpaint™ Engine also comes with Free Instruments, including a Steinway Grand Piano and others.

Soundpaint also comes with a Free Sample Editor that let's your import your own samples with just a single click.

Soundpaint is backed by the largest Ultra Deep-Sampled instrument catalogue system in the world.

Soundpaint is never on sale. Black Friday. Everyday.

Soundpaint™ was designed by British Academy and 2 x TEC Award Winning Producer, Troels Folmann.

Our instruments are featured in majority of today's Top-40, Movie, Games and TV-Show productions.

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Download Soundpaint with our 1928 Steinway. It is free. No obligations

Learn Soundpaint


Meet H.A.L - our new Hyper Acoustic Legato Technology. Duration 32 mins.

Video Tutorial Overview

Learn All the fundanentals in Soundpaint. Duration 24 mins.

Video Tutorial Racks

Design your own Soundpaint engine with modular racks. Duration 16 mins.

Video Tutorial Effects

Soundpaint has dozens of analog modeled effects.
Duration 31 mins.

Video Tutorial ARP & Gate

Learn our powerful Arpeggiator and Gate. Duration 16 mins.

Video Tutorial
The Matrix

Enter the Matrix of Soundpaint.
Duration 32 mins.

Video Tutorial Installation

Let's get you setup in Soundpaint.
Duration 16 mins.


Drag and drop your samples into the free Soundpaint Editor and use Auto Fill to close the gaps with a single click. Generate your Soundpaint Part and it's ready to play. Super simple.

Watch Troels Folmann take you through User Sample Import and see how quickly musical ideas can become musical reality.

Duration 16 mins.


Along with advancements in sound quality, Time supports modulation from LFOs and even live controllers, like Mod Wheel, for real time performance.

Change the rhythms of musical phrases without altering pitch. Freeze harmonic content into a wavetable. Speed or slow recorded vibrato as you like. Or get lost in intense slow motion sound design.

Duration 9 mins.




1987 Alto Flute Savana


Aleatoric String Orchestra


Vintage Talk Box UDS

Black 55

Black 55

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