Soundpaint™ One Sound ReSound™

Soundpaint™ One Sound ReSound™

Want to win $250 for Soundpaint? Enter the ReSound Creator Contest and get rewarded for your music.

Create a piece of music with one sound for a chance to win a $250 Soundpaint voucher, influence in the next ReSound challenge, and social media features across all 8Dio and Soundpaint channels.
Oh, what sound you ask? The gentle, soothing purr of a cat. Not just any cat, but our beloved studio assistant, Brix 😻

Here Are The Steps:
  1. Download Soundpaint here and the Free Purr Part, both free of course.
  2. Load the Part into Soundpaint by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left > Manage Library & Part Directories > select the location of the folder you downloaded > Full rescan > click the person (user) icon.
  3. Make something cool! Your submission must be no longer than 60 seconds and only use the contest sample.
  4. Post a video of your work to Tik Tok and/or Instagram, follow and tag us, and use #SoundpaintReSound so we can find your music!
Judging and prizes:
We’re letting our Creator Community call this one. The 10 submissions with the most likes win! 1st Place: $250 Soundpaint voucher, the power to decide the next ReSound Contest sample, and features on all our social media channels Top 10: Features on all our social media platforms

  • Entry Deadline: September 1st, 2024
  • Winner Announcement: September 21st, 2024
Get ready to show off your talent and reimagine sound like never before. Let's paint the world with sound!

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