Aleatoric Woodwind Orchestra

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Aleatoric Woodwind Effects

What is Aleatoricism? On the face, it just means “randomness,” but to make randomness musical, a balance of organization and individual freedom is required. Rather than giving players specific notes and rhythms, they may be given ideas, directions, ranges, and/or timings. In modern music, effects like this fit in perfectly with horror and trailer music, but in the right context, they can be hauntingly beautiful, ambient, or ethereal.

The Aleatoric Woodwind Orchestra (née “CAGE Woodwinds” - Custom Aleatoric Group Effects) is a comprehensive collection of aleatoric effects, split into groups of high and low woodwinds. Clusters, Arcs, pulses, growls, textures, chaos - with over 380 FX, it is near impossible to find an effect not covered. With 3 microphones and the nearly endless array of effects and combinations in Soundpaint, the aleatoric woodwinds can become anything one can imagine.

In the 20th century, aleatoric music became prominent with composers such as Charles Ives, John Cage, Krzysztof Penderecki, and many others. It took on many different forms in music, from single instances of aleatoric effects (randomized by the players during performances) to meticulously-planned clusters encompassing entire pieces (designed specifically to sound random by the composer). Modern aleatoric pieces may use random number generators or even dice rolls to inspire chaos.

Working with aleatoricism is less of an intellectual exercise and more about feeling it. It is musically provocative. Unearth subterranean sounds by playing below the range of the orchestra. Slow down and freeze the effects in time to uncover new sonic gems. Be seduced by the samples and un-cage the aleatoric woodwinds!



Hear the Aleatoric Woodwinds and a Special Interview with Troels

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