Soundpaint™ reSOUND Creator Contest

Soundpaint™ reSOUND Creator Contest

Get creative, get noticed, get rewarded.

Enter our very first reSound™ Creator Contest for a chance to win $250 in Soundpaint™ credit and have your work featured on all our social channels.

Entry deadline: [DATE]
Winners announced: [DATE]

Music can come from anything, anywhere. To prove that, we're challenging you, our Creator Community, to make original music using only Soundpaint™—and only one sample.

Our founder Troels has specialized in single-sample music-making for years, transforming sounds from bees, rattlesnakes, rain, and more into tapestries of artistic expression. It's a testament to the transformative power of creativity and artistry to help us shape our world into something beautiful.

Now, we want to see what YOU can do with just one sample. We’ve chosen a calming, universally soothing sound as for our first contest: the warm, gentle purr of a house cat.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Download: Get Soundpaint™ HERE and the Free Purr sample HERE, both free.

  2. Build your instruments: Drag the sample into the Soundpaint Sample Editor™ to map the purr to your keyboard as desired. The Editor lets you choose any ranges you want, automatically tuning the sample to each key for plug-and-play performance.

    When you're done, use File > Generate Part to save your instrument as a Soundpaint™ Part preset. You can then load your Part into Soundpaint™ from your User Library. Make as many Parts as you want—as long as they ONLY include the Free Purr sample.

  3. Customize your sound: Get wild with Soundpaint's tone-shaping tools and effects! Everything is fair game: filters, EQ, reverb, distortion, anything that gets you inspired.

  4. Create: Compose a piece of music in any genre with any DAW.

    You can ONLY use Soundpaint™ and Free Purr in your submission.

  5. Share: Post your work on Tik Tok and/or Instagram, follow and tag us, and use #SoundpaintReSound so we can find your music!

    Submissions must be in video format (screen capture, phone video, whatever works for you) and no longer than 60 seconds. Be sure to tell us how you made your sounds with Soundpaint™! 

    PRO TIP: Show your Soundpaint™ Parts in the video and let the UI do the talking.

Judging and prizes:

The 10 submissions with the most likes win features on all 8Dio™ and Soundpaint™ social media channels.

The grand prize winner also receives $250 in Soundpaint credit and the opportunity to help us choose and announce the next reSound contest in two weeks!

Grab Soundpaint™ and Free Purr now and show us what just one sound can do in the heads of talented creators. Have fun!