Hybrid Evolutions Bundle

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Transform. Transition. Transmogrify.

The Hybrid Evolutions Bundle is your ultimate ticket to seamless musical transitions and cinematic magic. This collection features four cutting-edge Hybrid Cinema Instruments crafted from an eclectic array of sources, including the roar of race cars, the crackle of lightning, the majesty of orchestra, the power of drums, and so much more.

Whether you're looking to build anticipation, create an awe-inspiring moment, or infuse your music with an extra layer of enchantment, the Hybrid Evolutions Bundle has you covered. Rise and Fall into a new musical section and build into a higher impact. Tickle the senses with the magic of Ear Candy, and evolve your sounds with Hybrid Evolutions.

Uppers and Risers


Downers and Falls


Motion Effects


Ear Candy and Strums