Orchestral Horrors Bundle

Orchestral Horrors Bundle

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Scream-Worthy Sounds

Unleash terror and suspense with the Horrors Bundle: your ultimate toolkit for spine-tingling film scores and Halloween soundscapes. This macabre collection includes six fiendish instruments designed to transport your compositions to the darkest depths of your imagination.

Prepare for a symphonic nightmare with Shadow Strings, Shadow Brass, and Shadow Woodwinds. These orchestral powerhouses deliver bone-chilling risers, nerve-wracking downers, percussive pandemonium, and sonic mayhem for the perfect horror score.

The 1990 Prepared Grand Piano adds an eerie twist to your sonic arsenal with plucked and bowed piano effects just to name a few, ideal for creating suspenseful soundscapes. And when it's time for those heart-stopping jump scares and impactful impacts, Hybrid Boom & Hits and Hybrid Slams deliver all the deep, heart thumping effects that you need.

Shadow Strings


Shadow Brass


Shadow Woodwinds


1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared


Hybrid Slams


Booms and Hits