What's New In Soundpaint 2.5

What's New In Soundpaint 2.5

A super-sonic leap forward!

Soundpaint 2.5 is a major, free update to the fastest sampling engine available today. Eight major new features help you create music faster, discover new sonic ideas, control instruments better than ever, and build new sound worlds.

  • Find sounds faster with an improved browser

  • Control and combine articulations effortlessly with a new generation of keyswitches

  • Spark endless creative ideas with the Randomizer

  • Create ultra-detailed soft or loud programs with Velocity Zoom

  • Add written notes and images to sounds you love

  • Layer up 8 parts instead of 4

  • Get the latest enhancements to H.A.L. legato

  • Easily add labels to the new on-screen keyboard

Existing users can update for free via the Soundpaint engine.

Watch the walkthrough:

Read the Soundpaint 2.5 press release here.


New to Soundpaint?

Download the engine for free, and experience the unique expressiveness of playing a Steinway grand piano with 127 discrete velocity layers.

The result of over eight years of R&D, the goal of Soundpaint is to offer superior sampling technology to composers and producers, providing a step-change in instrument realism and dramatically shortening the time it takes to turn ideas into music.

Soundpaint provides a single, familiar interface to play, control and combine all kinds of virtual instruments – with a fast-growing library of 120 available in the Soundpaint store, mostly for under $50.

Exclusive, game-changing Soundpaint features include:

  • 127 discreet velocity layers for every instrument, providing incredible realism and expression, no matter how many velocities were originally sampled.

  • Advanced, truly polyphonic legato without the phasing and artefacts found with other legato technology.

  • Virtually zero loading times for instruments.

  • The ability to layer up, and morph between, programs and patches from different purchased sample libraries, all within the engine itself. 

  • Built-in quality analog effects and flexible arpeggiator.

Download the engine for free