Soundpaint looking for a Producer

Soundpaint looking for a Producer

Soundpaint™ is looking for a seasoned and cross-disciplinary producer to manage the daily production of our two music software companies: Soundpaint and 8Dio Productions.

The producer must be able to create and manage schedules for both web development, software development, audio and visual creative teams and technical support.  A cross-disciplinary video game producer is a good example of a perfect candidate for us.

Our software instruments and sounds are featured in the majority of current blockbuster movies, tv-shows, video games and top-40 productions.

The producer needs to be an effective communicator and highly organized in terms of designing and maintaining schedules.  The producer will be managing small teams of audio and web developers, creative sound design teams, marketing, support and web content. 

The producer will be responsible for managing the teams, the schedule and ensuring that our weekly and monthly instrument releases are on track.  This includes:

  • Management of product launches and launch schedule:

    • Manage launch of products and managing our launch producer
    • Manage launch of products and managing our content manager

  • Management of software developer and dev schedule:

    • Manage our development schedule with lead programmer

  • Management and scheduling of online support:

    • Manage our support team

  • Management and scheduling of creative teams:

    • Manage individual and/or small team of instrument content creator, graphic/UI artists, editors, recording/production together with CCO

  • Management and scheduling of web/server teams:

    • Manage/schedule webdev and web-feature dev (Shopify)
    • Manage/schedule server admin and server feature dev

The producer must have a track record of releasing several commercially successful products. The ideal producer is resourceful and used to getting the best out of limited budgets. We are also looking for someone strategic sensibilities.  The producer will be working directly in executing the visions of our CEO (Tawnia Knox) and our CTO/CCO (Troels Folmann).

A little bit about us:

We are a sonic art house based in the heart of San Francisco.  

We aren't your typical corporate company.  We are 100% virtual (and have been for over a decade).  We are deeply passionate about what we do - perhaps to a degree of fault at times.  We don't have investors and we think equity companies and VCs are - more than often - the death of creative industries. 

We are entirely self-funded and have an incredibly loyal user base that has allowed us to pursue the biggest projects ever done in sampling, including recording the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled, the largest choir ever sampled, massive ensembles of 66 Trombones and everything in between.

We are fiercely independent and wanna remain free to explore and forge our own little path through the streaming landscape of what currently makes the music industry. 

Interesting in applying?

Please send us an email at and and include your resume, which must include:

    • Minimum +7 years of commercial production experience
    • Background, education and highlight of commercial achievements
    • Short description of your cross-disciplinary experience, production methodology and how you like to manage
    • Your experience working for virtual companies (online only)
    • Your association to music and/or music industry

Formally speaking:

This is a full position and we are primarily looking for candidates in California and/or producers on the United States West Coast due to time-zones.  Compensation to be negotiated and based on seniority. 

Thanks for your time.